People decide to keep a sample of the UCB with a view to the future. At this stage, the technology allows UCB-stem cells to be used only for bone marrow transplants or to participate in clinical trials. We expect that with the advancement of technology, this stored UCB can be used for many other purposes. Saving the sample today will allow the family to benefit from future discoveries and possibly treatments.

The benefit of stem cells derived from UCB is obvious. It is important to know that umbilical cord blood contains enough stem cells to treat a child or smaller body sized adults. Until now, it was thought that middle-aged and older adults would not benefit from such treatment, but this has changed recently.

Scientists are developing methods to stimulate the stem cells in order to divide and increase in number, while maintaining their basic primordial state. The aim is to increase the scope of application and their capacity to transplant in adolescents and adults. This is an expansion of stem cells. It improves the outcome of transplantation and allows repeated use for healing purposes.
Evidence is the growing number of scientific institutions evaluating the idea and using new stem cell expansion technologies. This is optimistic news that proves the adaptability and importance of stem cells.

The use of UCB carries many risks for the patient. All samples were tested for viral or bacterial infections. Hazardous samples shall be removed immediately. Only clean and quality samples are frozen and stored. This guarantees almost zero risk to the recipient.

The Private UCB Stem Cells Bank only stores the sample for the personal needs of the child or his siblings. The public UCB stem cells preservation is anonymous and offers the services to everyone in need as well for scientific purposes.

It is a good idea to make a decision before the end of 30th week of pregnancy, so that you have time to arrange the procedures for negotiation and othorization by the MH. Even at the last moment we can send you a sampling kit, but we advise you not to leave the decision till than.