The U.S., Canadian governments, and UN missions have authorized DCC “Dr. Greenberg” to conduct medical examinations, tests, and vaccinations for visa applicants, study, or work abroad.

    * Applicants for an immigrant visa for the USA and CANADA – to have a scheduled date for an interview and a corresponding code number
    * Students studying in foreign educational institutions, employees of various UN missions to have sent a medical examination form
    * Applicants for work abroad should have the appropriate form for a medical certificate


    * Select the DATE for a medical examination at DCC Greenberg not earlier than 1 month and not later than 3 days before the date of the Interview. Friday is not suitable for children aged 2-14.
    * The examinations are performed in DCC Dr. Greenberg, branch “Druzhba-2”, at 23-A Copenhagen Blvd., by Krassimir Goranov MD and Stanislav Stanev MD
    * EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK (including Sunday)
    * After PRE-REGISTRATION on phones 024170519, 029744933 and 0898776812. If you need additional help, call Goranov MD – 0898776800
    * Examinations are performed in the morning – on weekdays after 8.30, on Sundays – after 9.00, OR IF CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIRE IT, AN EXAMINATION MAY BE ARRANGED AT ANOTHER TIME.


    At the examination, bring with you:
    * Valid passport
    * Four current photos (passport format)
    * Letter from the respective consulate containing a code numberMedical documents
    * Immunization passport (certificate from RZI – Regional Health Inspectorate or family doctor)
    * Personal Ambulatory Card (LAC) with information about vaccinations
    * Epicrisis or other medical documentation for hospital or other long-term treatmentThe medical and associated activities in each separate case take about 3 hours.
    You may have had breakfast, taken medication (if you have any).
  • THE MEDICAL CHECKUP IS PERFORMED ONLINE by procedure as directed by the US and Canadian authorities and includes:
    (for candidates aged 15 and over)
    * General clinical examination
    * Blood test for Syphilis
    * Blood test for AIDS (for Canada)
    * X-ray of the lungs
    * Genetic urine test for gonorrhea (for USA)
    * Missed vaccinations are mandatory and are performed or an appropriate immunity test is performed.
    (for candidates up to 15 years of age)
    * General clinical examination
    * Blood test for Tuberculosis for children aged 2-14 (not available on Friday)
    * In case of incompleteness in the immunization calendar, additional vaccinations are performed.

Laboratory tests and examinations and/or medical consultations may be ordered to clarify the state of health.
Together with the medical certificate we issue the relevant vaccination document.