DCC “Dr. Greenberg” Branch “Druzhba-2” provides round-the-clock duty including weekends and public holidays. The cabinet on duty has:

  • MEDICAL DUTY TEAM – Doctor and Nurse
  • EQUIPMENT – Medical office and Manipulation room, ECG, medical supplies and medicines.


The Duty Medical Office is performing:
– examinations, ECGs and manipulations, active promotion of the center’s capabilities;
– certifies temporary incapacity for work (usually up to 3 days), accompanied by a copy of an outpatient sheet;
– issues a death certificate during the daily holiday watch, and informs the GP;
– issues quick notification of detected infectious diseases in 3 copies (1 for the GP);
– performs home visits within 45 minutes using a company car or private transport of the patient’s relatives.

Note: immediately inform the manager of unsolved problems and emergencies!


The cabinet on duty serves:

  • Free admission patients – a payment order + ambulatory sheet is issued for paid services
  • Voluntary Medical Insurance Fund patients – reporting documents + copy of ambulatory sheet and / or recipe
  • Patients of GPs with whom DCC Dr. Greenberg has a contract (included in a list provided), after checking the insurance status and receiving a user fee (excluding persons under 18 and those certified by a Work Capability Assessment Commission).

An ambulatory sheet is issued for each home-visit.