The Psychological Laboratories of Dr. Greenberg DCC have the following subject of activity:

(A) Conducting a psychological examination (first and second occurrence) of applicants for driving licenses for vehicles of categories TTb, TTm, C, D and subcategories C1 and D1 prior to training.
(B) Carrying out a psychological examination (first and second occurrence) of the drivers of the TTB, TTM, C, D, and C1 and D1 categories in order to establish their psychological fitness to drive, namely:
1) the persons who take an examination for acquiring a legal driving permission after having it seized in accordance with Art. 157, para. 4 of the Road Traffic Act due to the seizure of checkpoints;
2) the taxi car drivers before their examination (amend. – State Gazette 4/07); the drivers of vehicles for public passenger or goods transport;
3) the persons who have been temporarily revoked a driving license pursuant to Art. 171, item 1, letter “a” of the Traffic Law;
4) drivers who are deprived of the right to drive a vehicle on the grounds of art. 174, para. 2 of the Traffic Law before issuing the certificate (new, SG No. 36/2007);
5) drivers who are deprived of the right to drive a vehicle on the grounds of art. 343g of the Penal Code after termination of the sentence. (new – SG 36/07);
6) foreigners, long-term residents of the Republic of Bulgaria, and Bulgarian citizens with a foreign driving license who, under the procedure of Art. 162, para. 4 of the Traffic Law are replaced with a Bulgarian driving license of the categories as per item 1 (former item 6 – SG 36/07). Persons who do not speak Bulgarian are subject to a psychological examination with a sworn translator;

(C) Psychological examination of the chairmans of the examining committees – their ability to assess the applicants’ ability to drive safely. (prev. item 7 – SG, iss. 36 in 2007).
(D) Studies on the psychological fitness of drivers of vehicles other than the above cases, prior to beging work on the new job possition or in other cases at the request of the driver’s employer (Amended, SG No. 36/2007).

The addresses of the Dr. Greenberg Psychological Laboratory, where the activity is carried out, are as follows:
a) Sofia, Gen. Blvd. Vladimir Vazov №39
b) Blagoevgrad, St. Dimitar Thessaloniki № 77-A, II fl
c) Sliven
The activity in the Psychological laboratories of the Dr. Greenberg DCC is carried out by psychologists registered with the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.