The year-round expertise of the Occupational Health Service complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Labor Code and the current regulatory framework. The activity is managed by a doctor, occupational medicine specialist and includes activities:

  • Participation in the activities of a committee (working group) after an order issued by the Employer Company;
  • Preparation of an annual Occupational Health Services Program;
  • Preparation of personal health file, using the preliminary and incoming medical information for the employees;
  • Carrying out health risk assessment in accordance with Ordinance No. 5 / May 11, 1999 – preparation of maps, programs, analyzes and recommendations;
  • Conducting training on occupational health and safety at the Committee / Working Group on Occupational Health, in accordance with the previously developed Programs;
  • Conducting analysis of morbidity with temporary disability, occupational morbidity and occupational injuries;
  • Analysis of the data from the mandatory periodic preventive examinations;
  • Issuance of certificates for occupational medicine servicing – for completed training on occupational safety and health, on entering and leaving current job and on social protection job placement;
  • Preparation of recommendations for occupational reconstruction and / or organization of work;
  • Consultations on the introduction of internal rules, new technologies, selection of new equipment and measurement of the factors of the working environment, according to the Health and Safety Act.

Prepares Program for Prophylactic Examinations (CT, Art. 287, Ordinance No. 3 / February 27, 1987).

The above-described activities oblige the Occupational Medicine Service to provide at least one hour per year for one worker or employee from the third category of labor (Ordinance No. 14 on STM DV 95 of 1998).

The Occupational Medicine Оffice is located in the office part of DCC “Dr. Greenberg” on Blvd. Copenhagen 23-A in Druzhba-2, Sofia. Working hours are 8.00-16.30 during the week.

Dr. Augustine Aydemirska, Occupational Health Specialist and Head of Service,
Nikola Goranov,
San. Inspector Tanya Tikvanska.