Graduated Medical University of Bucharest.
Specialty in Internal Medicine and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist.


Graduate of MA-Sofia (1981)
Additional qualification
– Pediatric Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Professional experience
over 35 years
Specialized courses
in Pediatric Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery
Special professional interests
– Oncology
Additional professional interests
– dermatological manifestations of cancer, endocrine surgery
Conferences and Seminars
– regular attendance
National Health Insurance Fund
contracted specialist


Graduate of MU-Pleven (1993)
Specialty Internal Medicine (1998), Gastroenterology (2003)
Worked in Cardiology, Emergency Medical Care and Resuscitation in the Medical Hospital “Tsarina Yoanna – ISUL”, “V MBAL”, UMBALSM “Pirogov”, Мedical Оffices MBAL MBAL – “Sabo Nikolov”
Specialized courses – VUmc Hospital Amsterdam
Special Professional Interests – Liver Diseases; Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
Performs Specialized Medical Services – ultrasound, abdominal paracentesis
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist


Graduate of MA-Sofia (1983)
Specialty – Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology and Reanimation
Additional qualification – Echocardiography, Echodopler vessel diagnostics
Worked in St. Ekaterina University Hospital, National Cardiology Hospital – cardiac surgery, cardiology
Professional experience over 37 years
Specialized courses – Echocardiography, Doppler diagnosis of vascular pathology
Scientific publications in the fields of Cardiology, Intensive Medicine
Conferences and Seminars – Cardiology, Intensive Medicine

Performs Specialized Medical Services – Echocardiography, Stress Test, ECG Holter, Blood Pressure Holter
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist


Graduate of MA-Sofia (1984)
Specialty – Ears, Nose and Throat (1993, ISUL)
Worked for the Military Medical Academy, St. Sofia Hospital
Professional experience – 30 years
Specialized courses – Diagnosis of malignant diseases; Septorinoplasty
Additional professional interests – Early diagnosis of ENT diseases
Conferences and seminars – Attends regularly
Performs Specialized Medical Services – Sinusoscopy, Audiometry, Placement of medical earrings
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist

Dr. Mariana Atanasova

Graduated Medical University of Pleven (1989).
Specialty in Dermal and Venereal Diseases (1996).
Additional qualifications – Specialization in Oncodermatology, Dermatosurgery, Cosmetology, Pediatric Dermatology; Certificate for the placement of fillers and Botox, cosmetic and healing peels.
Worked as a Dermatologist in the Department of Skin Diseases at MU Pleven; Ordinator and later Head of Oncodermatology Department at the Oncology Center Pleven.
Acquired second Master’s Degree in Economics and Health Management at SA “D.Tsenov” – Svishtov (2003).
Performs electrocoagulation and small surgical interventions for benign and malignant skin and mucous membranes.
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist.

Dr. Rosica Mesechkova

Graduated Medical University of Sofia (1979)
Specialty Skin and venereal diseases at the Dermatological Clinic of MA Sofia (1984)
Professional experience – experience – 41 years in the field
Specialized courses in the fields of X-ray therapy in dermatology at Skin Clinic Sofia (1982); Clinical homeopathy (two-year course) with a specialty in homeopathy treatment
Special proffecsional interests in the fields of Homeopathy and Phytotherapy
Conferences and seminars – participations in annual seminars on clinical homeopathy and conferences on dermatovenereology
National Health Insurance Fund contracted specialist