Svetla Peycheva

Rehabilitator and bachelor physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and corrective gymnastics for children and adults Graduated from PMI “Yordanka Filaretova” – Sofia in 1992. with a specialty rehabilitator.

Completed a course in Cosmetics with Dr. Papazova at Select-Sofia company in 1992.
In 2012 graduated from NSA “Vasil Levski” with a degree in Kinesitherapy – educational qualification degree Bachelor with professional qualification Kinesitherapist.
Acquired postgraduate qualification in 2010 in the center for postgraduate qualification KINESITHERAPY, SPORTS ANIMATION and TOURISM at NSA “V. Levski” in massage-reflexology.


  • In 2011 acquired a professional qualification as a masseur at UCM “Apollo” -Sofia.
  • Completed a course in soft tissue mobilization of the cervicothoracic region and upper limb in 11.2011 and Manual mobilization of the lumbosacral region and lower limb in 12.2011. with Assoc. Prof. Leyla Kraidzhikova, PhD;
  • Мanual mobilization techniques according to the concept of Brian Mulligan – A and C level;
  • Мanual lymphatic drainage with Prof. Belgrade.
  • Certified Reiki therapist -1 and 2 level in UCM “Apollo” in 2011.
  • Completed a course for Paneurhythmy teachers from 2019.

Worked as:

  • rehabilitator in 28 DCCs in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department.
  • beautician and Pilates instructor at the SPA center “Drima” – Fort Knox Elenite as a masseur.
  • rehabilitator in Energy Fitness, majoring in rehabilitation, Pilates instructor and corrective gymnastics for children, individual training for children and adults.


DCC “GREENBERG” offers you the opportunity for prevention, early diagnosis and timely comprehensive treatment of deviations from the correct posture and distortions of the spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis.
Modern requirements for online – training for students, working at a desk in the office or at home in front of a computer or telephone, requires immobility and long hours of sitting, often in the wrong position. This leads to fatigue and imbalance in the skeletal muscles, a change in posture in the direction of building a bad habit of poor posture, which imperceptibly leads over time to deformities in the spine.

Spinal deformities, especially scoliosis, often develop progressively. This causes a severe deformity of the spine, which disrupts the function of internal organs, reduces performance and sometimes leads to disability.
Kinesitherapy has a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of spinal deformities. We use a set of general and specialized physical exercises – analytical corrective gymnastics, under the guidance and supervision of a specialist – physiotherapist, using various devices – balls, dumbbells, rubber bands.
Classes can be group and individual, tailored to the age group.
After conducting an examination by a specialist determining the pathological type of curvature of the spine, we refer the patient to activity groups according to age:
⦁ Children from 7 to 14 years / small group – 2 – 3 children /
14 to 21 years / middle group – 4 -10 children /
⦁ For people aged 25 to 50 – working people with complaints of back pain from forced posture and improper posture, muscle fatigue and often with osteoarthritis of the spine. Aim – to correct posture, build proper posture, strengthen back muscles and overall muscle tone.
⦁ For people 60+ – with pronounced pathological conditions with damage to the vertebral discs, osteoporosis, surgical interventions with chronicity and weakness of the back muscles. Aim – controlling the pain, restoring and maintaining motor activity, general strengthening of the body.
Spinal curvature is a consequence of improper posture and muscle imbalance. Only perseverance and patience, prolonged work and motor regime under the supervision and guidance of a specialist, leads to a change in quality of life.